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Monday Matters #1

New Article I'm excited to share

Legacy Software Systems: How to Live with Aging Software Architecture?

A must-read for any programmer dealing with legacy systems is How to Deal with Aged Software Architecture? This article delves into the problems encountered by developers while updating older systems and offers advice on how to set priorities for doing so. Visit this link if you're interested.


What I'm reading

The Innovators by Walter Isaacson 

The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson, is a fascinating look at the development of computers through the eyes of its early pioneers, and I'm now reading it. The author argues that breakthroughs in innovation can only be made via the combined efforts of experts from different fields working together. This is your copy.


What I'm watching

"The mistake that toppled the Berlin Wall" by vox

This video from Vox titled "The error that down the Berlin Wall" has come to my attention. In it, a government spokesman describes how a small slip-up contributed to the end of the Cold War and the eventual collapse of the Berlin Wall. Click here to see the clip.


App feature I’m exploring

The Browser Company's Arc Browser 

This week, I've been playing around with the Easel function in Arc Browser. This one-of-a-kind function enables customers to build custom web-based dashboards that are accessible from any device. It's a fantastic method of coordinating many facets of your life in cyberspace

Copy of EDGE Of Momentum