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Exploring Innovative Data Management and Analytics Projects: My Portfolio
Securitas AB

Building an Enterprise Data Lakehouse on Cloud for Better Data Governance

Case study on developing a cloud-based enterprise data lakehouse for improved data governance. 4 stages: centralizing data, refreshing, converting raw data into insights. Identifies stakeholders, deliverables, benefits, and cost estimates.


Using Data Analytics and Warehousing to Boost eBev's Brewery Sales and Operations Online

Discover how eBev, an online brewery, leverages the power of data analytics and warehousing to optimize its operations and boost sales. Learn how data-driven insights are helping eBev streamline processes and enhance customer experience.

firstlook ai

Firstlook AI - Building a Data Platform for Healthcare Scheduling

This case study showcases how Firstlook AI developed a powerful data platform to optimize healthcare scheduling. Learn how their solution improves patient outcomes and streamlines operations for healthcare providers.


Data Lake and Reporting Architecture for Product Development at Boeing

Learn how we built a data lake and reporting architecture for Boeing's Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data to enable faster data access, improved data quality, and data analytics capabilities. Discover how the solution has helped Boeing to gain insights into the product development process, reduce costs, and improve the design, manufacturing, and testing processes.

hubspot sales

Integrated sales reporting with Hubspot, Quickbooks, and MSSQL

Learn how a software company improved their sales reporting by integrating data from Hubspot, Quickbooks, and MSSQL into a central data warehouse. This case study highlights the custom solution created using custom coding and PowerBI for data visualization.

rms analysis

Maximizing Revenue with RMF Analysis: A Salesforce and Einstein Case Study

Learn how an e-commerce company used Salesforce and Einstein to perform Recency, Frequency, and Monetary analysis (RMF) and identified high-value customers. They created a powerful Tableau dashboard to visualize the results and developed targeted marketing strategies to improve customer loyalty and maximize revenue.


Addressing Duplicate Listings on Noon Marketplace: A Data-Driven Case Study

This case study explores how we used machine learning to remove duplicate product listings on Noon, a popular online marketplace, to improve user experience while ensuring equal opportunities for sellers. Learn about the challenges we faced, our solution, and the project's deliverables.


Parcel Shipping Analytics: A Case Study on FedEx and UPS Invoices

I used Business Intelligence to create interactive dashboards for a client's parcel shipping expenses by converting raw FedEx and UPS invoices into structured database tables. The dashboards identified areas for optimization and cost savings, resulting in significant improvements to the client's bottom line. Our solution enabled data-driven decisions and improved their parcel shipping operations.

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