Abhijit Singh

Abhijit Singh

Data Scientist & Product Manager in India

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15 days ago

👋🏻 Hey there! I began my career selling POS systems, then dove into data science. Managed at D&B India, dealing extensively with Duns numbers. Joined Intelligaia, started as a data scientist, and collaborated with Cisco, HPE, DocuSign, Avit, and Hitachi. Now, I'm focused on building AI and data products. Excited about productivity and diving into financial markets and Quantitative Research
Also, I take on independent projects. Let's chat here, and we can schedule a Teams meeting!

Work Experience

2021 — Now

I've overseen the development of a project management tool and an AI platform for Customer Experience.
Collaborating with HPE, I played a pivotal role in building HPE Ezmeral and MLOps workflow.
Managing a talented team of data scientists and analysts, we partnered with DocuSign to create Contract Management Intelligence. Let's dive deeper into this exciting journey!

2018 — 2021

I collaborated with companies like Cisco, Avit, and HPE. I specialized in crafting Machine Learning models for Business teams. A notable achievement includes developing the P2B (Propensity to Buy) framework for Cisco using H2O.ai ↗ Another highlight was creating the Business Impact Score post-COVID. Leveraging government data, we identified sites affected by COVID-19, predicting sales impact for DNAC and Cisco Collab devices.

2017 — 2018

As a data analyst at Dun & Bradstreet, my role centered around working with data related to Dun Numbers↗. Analyzing and interpreting this data, I contributed to valuable insights and decision-making processes. It was an exciting journey navigating the world of Dun Numbers and leveraging data to drive meaningful outcomes

2016 — 2017
  • Identifying the potential clients using Data Mining techniques from Zomato and Swiggy

  • Cold Calling to the prospects

  • Door to Door Sales for Restaurants and Eateries


2024 — Now
Diploma in Quantitative Finance at QuantInsti Quantitative Learning Pvt Ltd
2020 — 2022
Masters in Statistics and Data Science at Indian Institute of Madras
2011 — 2014
Bachelors in Technology at Kurukshetra University


2021 — 2023
Azure Data Scientist Associate from Microsoft
AWS Solution Architect Associate from Amazon Web Services